The QnA Manker Preview is super easy to launch my service for for developing a FAQ system.

>>Create QnA Maker My service page

・Set source of knowledge base

It need only service name to create FAQ API service, because knowledge base is able to create by manual later. But, this article use FAQ website as knowledge base for describe.

I wanna show you a sample to describe that the analyze feature for FAQ web page of the QnA Maker is so smart. The web page using as sample is I don’t know who is creator, and I choosen random one from google search result. The result is very great, below is a part of page source code.

<div class="content-full-right-left-info-row">
    <div class="content-full-right-left-info-left">Where was Eddie Van Halen born?</div>
    <div class="content-full-right-left-info-right">Nijmegen, Netherlands</div>

There is no the ID attribute or the Name attribute in the code, it has only style class specification. FAQ web page analize feature of the QnA Maker can understand that the content is question text using “?”. And can understand that othor one is answer from structure of contents.


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