Microsoft provides the QnA Manker API service which is one of the Cognitive services. It’s very useful for developing a FAQ system.

・#1 Information architecture and limitation planning of information area

Any FAQ system should be provided individual categories or locations, such as products, purposes of use, destinations and so on. it’s basis of information architecture for users and for also the knowledge base of a system too.

In the case of FAQ system for the Microsoft Office application, if a question involved with the Office 365 and a question of the Worksheet functions of the Excel application is separated respectively, it’s useful for users.

It’s useful for AI too, AI does high performance when It’s used in limited information area. For example, there is very popular question pattern “How to output some data of Excel ?”, the pattern is not enough about “to something”. it’s paper or usb, monitor, CSV file and so on. In this case, AI can choose several answers but their hit score is low and similar. Although if the question throw to FAQ chat bot system of specific information area, one or two answers which hit high score is responced from AI.

Information architecture is important for using QnA Maker API. And limitation planning of information area makes QnA Maker API more worthy. Because the QnA Maker API use the model specialized for Indexing and Ranking.

>>QnA Maker Overview

・#2 Ready its data of Knowledge base

The QnA Maker API can import data from file of Word type, PDF type and text type, also import from FAQ website URL with analyse contents of page. So there is several pattern for manage knowledge base lifecycle.

It is very simple, basic and naturally that the FAQ website use as master of knowledge base.

・#3 Lifecycle of knowledge base

I recommend using Excel file for maintenance knowledge base lifecycle management.Because easy to set line break and hyperlink when create answer.

The QnA Maker API send an answer text with line breaks, if the TSV file which is exported from knowledge base Excel includes cell”s text with line break.

And the QnA Maker API send an answer text with hyperlink, if Excel cell is set hyper link.

If want to set hyperlink to a part of text of cell, set below text.

Edward Lodewijk van Halen

>>Management knowledge base Sample by Excel


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