・Create state full service web app

If the microservices solution system has web app as UI, and create with OWIN, I described in previous article that we can available feature of Service Fabric maximally. This knowledge has been provided by the Azure Service Fabric Team of Microsoft. We should read ‘Azure Service Fabric Team Blog‘. It’s so easy to create web app includes OWIN architecture for service fabric microservice by reading ‘Introduction to Service Fabric (Lab) ? Part 1’ of the blog.

So I’m going to create web app by imitate procedure of this blog. If you want to know more overview, Service Fabric Area of Microsoft Azure provides a lot of information for developing application serve on the cloud, this article focuses as the microservice development. First step is create service fabric application using template of Visual Studio. This step needs Service Fabric SDK. Run Visual Studio (in this article, use version 2015) as administrator, and create new project of the Service Fabric application.

Then push F5 button and run application.

Created solution is constituted both Microsoft Azure deploy package and Microsoft Azure stateless web api. This application is already runnable application, so in next article, I will describe procedures to incorporate reliable actor to this application.


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