・Microsoft Azure provides the Virtual Actor as Service Fabric Reliable Actor

    The Virtual Actor provided by Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actor manages actor’s physical address and a context which represents actor’s physical address. Developer can use Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Runtime namespace for actor implementation. This feature manages state of the actor, actor id as deterministic hash of a partition on node of cluster, uri of the actor is placed, timer or reminder useable to the actor, useable event task when the actor active or deactive, and so on.

    And also, Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actor is guaranteed consistency of actor by reliable service. This consistency is that the actor is instanced always single, and implicit activate and deactivate or dispose the actor. also the consistency is guranteed by messaging via single thread and invoke method by messaging executes only once running.

    When developer uses only the namespace and Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors namespace which represent the Reliable Actor, it can develop the microservice on the Microsoft Azure.

    The Actor model of the Microservices is very small or simple function, so a solution is realize by collaborate these actor services. the solution system has a portal UI as web app or client native app, mobile app, phisical device of IoT and so on. Please refer to previous article [A concept of the actor model, for a distributed system]. An actors is invoked from client app as web app. For use Service Fabric feature effectively, connect web app and web service weakly with using Open Web Interface for .NET(OWIN). As a result, we can arrange various types of servers and program languages.


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