Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services QnA Maker helps creating knowledge base which chatbot app uses. In case knowledge base created, it have to publish for chatbot app.
Then create bot from [Create Bot] button of QnA Maker portal page when the knowledge base publishing done. It is super easy to create bot with QnA Maker.

・Start from QnA Maker portal

In previous article, created knowledge base with QnA Maker.

The publish feature of QnA portal console connect between knowledge base which is publishing and Microsoft Azure Bot Service creating new.

・Publish knowledge base

Select [Publish] button of [Publish] tab, window is transferred to success view when publishing process is done. Then it shows you [Create Bot] button and how to post request to QnA Maker API.

・Test with Postman app for health check of QnA Maker API

Test using Postman app to confirm QnA maker API responds same answer as test of previous article. It represents that published knowledge base is working well.

・Create Bot

Create Bot from [Create Bot] button of success view makes creating Microsoft Azure Bot Service easily. Transfer to Azure portal and set parameters to create Bot service window. Then I modify some parameters such as cost level parameter and so on (should not change parameters of QnA auth key, location of Application insight, App service plan and location : it specified on existing Cognitive Services QnA Maker). Sorry for Japanese screen shot, because these settings depends on Japanese screen shot of previous article.


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