・Some patterns of state transferring of system

An information is a cluster of data which connect to other data semantically. There is represented by object models or entities. Normalized data stored at persistent tier is modified at presentation layer to information by user operations. So state management is almost similar with tracing user operations.

One of implement state management is Rich Client Application. There is high function controls –such as the DataGrid control and so on– used in the application. The controls holds state at presentation layer. So in Rich Client Application, data semantically connection is done at presentation layer, then information is transfered to persistent tier directly.

Second selection is the RESTful service client application. The application uses many very short transactions. Data semantically connection is not made one transaction but made by multiple transactions using REpresentational State Transfer API service.

There is several other approaches, the Scaffolding CRUD pages uses the DBcontext for connect user’s operations with persistent tier directly. It is possible to say that a state for create information from data is kept in DBcontext.


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