Presentation document for Community Open Day 2013 Microsoft Virtual Academy
Windows Store examination is received at every correction of your app. Extendable app need the MVVM […]
Portable class library (PCL) supports development when your app provides contents to multiple channels. You don’t […]
The Semantic Zoom function of Windows store app is very easy to mount attractive UI. Though […]
Play to feature is a features integrated to the Charm of Windows 8. Near future, Devices […]
OWA is provide few features. But there is standerd way to connect office app and web […]
WebView control is display on top level layer of application. So if some content overlay the […]
Silverlightを囲む会東京7回の資料「画面の更新を考える」を公開しました。 資料はこちら
.NETラボ2012年6月ライトニングトークの資料公開しました。 資料はこちら
コミュニティオープンディのD6資料公開しました。 資料はこちら