Microsoft UWP samples helps you to create your app

・Microsoft UWP samples helps you to create your qpp

Microsoft provides UWP samples as Microsoft Windows Universal samples. There is 242 items of samples, and almost features which apps needs. If you reuse this numerous features, you could create app which you want to provide as product level. This article describes procedures to create prototype of product application from blank app.

The samples provided by MIT license. Therefore, you have to display copyright of Microsoft and all descriptions of MIT license or link to it’s URL. One of ways for such code, the code which use the samples intends include the code comment below.

// This app made from Microsoft Windows Universal samples.
// Copyright (c) Microsoft. All rights reserved.
// This code is licensed under the MIT License (MIT).

>>x:Bind Binding

>>System launcher

>>Split view

>>Hamburger menu

>>Bitmap image

>>Flip view

>>Oauth login

>>Control Facebook scope

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