Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy purposes enhance an operation that personal information featured in this software. that feferring to Defines Statute, “guidelines on the protection of personal information in telecommunications business” in Japan.

■ compliance with laws and regulations
This privacy policy will comply the following about acquisition, usage and other operations regarding personal information of tihs software users.
The law on the protection of personal information,
Pursuant to the provisions of the telecommunications business law concerning the secrecy of communication and other relevant laws,
Guidelines on the protection of personal information in telecommunications business ( hereafter “guidelines” )
There is defined in Japan for world wide.

■ purpose of use and that publication
On beforehand specific possible, announce the purpose of use of personal information of software users. The software named “Dig Up Songs” connect to this site, and give message to site visitors “Don’t store personal information to this site”.

■ use within the range of purpose of use.
Personal information of users are not used at this site basically.
However, if the applicable guideline No. 6 article 3 paragraph 1. we would dealing personal information with beyond necessary scope to achieve the purposes.
that scope was announced previousely.

■ retention
Unless by law established otherwise, we define retention period for personal information of users within the scope necessary for the purpose. And we will erase personal information of users without delay after retention time expires.
However, if there is applicable guideline No. 10 article 2 paragraph 1. this isn’t above.

■ safety management measures
This software shall keep personal information of users accurate and up-to-date. And take necessary and appropriate safety measures to protect strive from unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, loss and damage.

■ supervision of employees
this software Implement the necessary and appropriate supervision of employees for planning safe management of personal information of users.
Also, conduct necessary education and training that ensuring the proper handling of personal information.

■ provision to third parties
unless below,
law is forth provisions stipulated otherwise
in guideline No. 15 article 1 paragraph
this software can’t provide personal information of site users without operation own to any third party.

■ removal, etc.
Personal information of users are not used at this software basically.
So, If personal information mixed in information that stored by software “Dig Up Songs”, then delete is only way for personal information protection.
Please send message deletion requests from Facebook of the developer below for removal of the information.

■ response disclosure
If personal information of users leakage occurred, then responds rapidly and appropriately as promptly notify the facts to the related.

■ continuous improvement
through implementation of improvement of internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information, staff training and internal audits, we are striving to continually improve handling of personal information.

12/2012, Developer Tetsuro Takao.

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